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Why take unnecessary risks:

Asking your audience for feedback about their needs, wants and attitudes can save you time and money and help you feel more confident about the services you offer or the direction you want to take. Using online surveys to gather feedback lets you learn—and react to—what they want, quickly.

Create stronger relationships with your audience

When your customers and members know their opinion matters to you, it's powerful. It's a realization that gets them engaged with you on a deeper emotional level, making them more interested and eager to hear from you. Create a loyal following. And bring them back, again and again!

Be more relevant to your customers

When you're in a position to deliver what your audience wants—like delivering targeted marketing communications that get opened 20% more often—you're in a position to meet their needs and  wants and become their regular provider. Ask them what they're thinking. Give them what they're looking for.

Complement your face-to-face interactions

Even if you have regular customers who tell you how you're doing, there are probably people you don't see as often. Online Surveys allow you to reach these people too. Get customers to tell you what they really think, instead of what they think you want to hear. With feedback from surveys,  you can learn from both audiences—and get a clearer snapshot of your customers' true feelings.

Spot potential issues earlier

Regularly conducting online surveys for feedback helps reveal a pattern of customer behavior and attitudes that can reliably help you identify trends and quickly solve issues customers may have. If you only use surveys once a year, you may be missing out on opportunities to deliver  superior customer service, fix misunderstandings or gain repeat business.
Event Marketing - Online Event Registration

Event Marketing service and coaching helps small businesses/nonprofits manage events online with online event registration.

Event Marketing makes planning and promoting your next event a breeze.

Event Marketing service is perfect for small businesses or nonprofits like you who need an affordable, professional tool to run their events.

I need to boost attendance at my events

Event Marketing takes the mystery out of social networking. We'll show you how to reach your contacts, plus their contacts. And, you pay per event, not by head count. Sell-out events don't cost you more!

Event Registrations - Accept event registrations and payments securely with PayPal. You pay per event, not per registrant.

Event Invitations - Easy to get started with professional event templates, integrated maps and event invitations.

Event Reminders - Send event reminders or online postcards to your list of clients. Follow up with registrants, without disturbing those who've declined.

Online RSVPs - Use our RSVP tools to get a solid headcount.

Event Homepage - Get a dedicated URL and homepage. Share your events on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Event Tracking & Reporting - Stay organized with event tracking and reporting tools. Keep track of registrations, RSVPs, secure payments and more.

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